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Women’s Accommodation

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“Despite the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’, there is no doubt that there are widespread and serious violations of the human rights of women with disabilities, as well as failures to promote and fulfil their rights (Byrnes 2003).”


Our team is incredibly passionate about supporting individuals and families to establish a true sense of belonging and value within the community.

We have established gender specific homes for young women who are now able to live much fuller lives. We continue to witness transformation every day, such as people making their own choices in their daily lives, stepping outside of their comfort zones, making new friends and doing more than they ever thought possible. These homes are run by the young women who live there with the support of dedicated and caring teams of female staff. The residents are responsible for designing weekly menus, grocery shopping, keeping the homes clean and caring for the many animals that share this space.

EBL also offers a vast range of recreational programs and assisted holidays ensuring people can participate in life in most meaningful ways. Active healthy programs and activities are provided to enhance lifestyle and to promote feelings of wellbeing and self esteem.

Offering a range of flexible options, we provide choice and control for every person based on their individual needs and desires. We understand how important inclusion and achievement is for every person. Not only for creating a sense of worthiness, but to aid growth and adaptability as well.

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