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Our Learning & Lifestyle programs encourage a person-centred approach aimed at improving the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. These programs are centre-based and provide support for people to access a range of learning experiences, as well as recreational and social activities.

Our employees offer encouragement to ensure each participant actively engages with the people around them who are there to help them identify and express their needs and goals. Our employees take care to engage with each person to ensure they understand what is important to the individual. Once there is agreement about what is important to the person we develop a flexible plan that can change as the individual’s needs, interests and choices change.

A key focus of our Learning & Lifestyle programs is the activities we provide which are designed to continually increase each person’s potential for participation in the local community.

Robert’s Story

Over The Rainbow
“All the colours….like yellow, orange, greens, and purples and reds and blue.
The Sun is an orange circle with yellow triangles like diamond shapes.
There are crystal clear ocean waves….. the sea.”
By Robert – 2014

Robert W paints rainbow 24 Sept 2014 IMG_0155 2

The story behind this painting

One of our valued partners, Linda H, approached Robert to see if he wanted to make a large painting for the new EBL office at Mawson Lakes, upon which he immediately asked if he could do a rainbow painting. At this point, Robert was unaware that this would be for the new offices as Linda did not want Robert to feel obligated to donate the picture if he felt it belonged elsewhere.

“I never before considered asking Robert if he wanted any support in the making of the painting, given his complete independence in such matters, however this time I did ask, in case he wanted the rainbow to have the colours in the order as they appear in the sky. I explained to him that this pairing was a bit different if I helped him, however he welcomed the offer, saying that he did want the rainbow’s colours to be as they are seen in the sky,” said Linda.

Linda’s part in the process was simply to help Robert put the colours in the order that they are seen in nature and to help him to explore different textures for the painting of the sky. All of the design, choice of shade, tone for each colour and the execution were done entirely by Robert over six sessions at Jam Jars.

“In one of the later sessions he told me enthusiastically, “I have told Wendy I will make her a rainbow painting” and it was then I told him about the surprise: that this very painting could be for the office if he so wished….and he was very happy indeed,” said Linda.