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COVID-19 Safe Recovery Plan
EBL Disability Services - SOUTH AUSTRALIA

As of Monday 22 June 2020

Density requirements will remain in place for EBL DISABILITY SERVICES where practical as follows:

  • 1 person per 2 square metres
  • 1 metre distance between people

Wendy Warren
CEO, EBL Disability Services


1. Work from Home still applies for employees who have been ordered to socially isolate by SA Health.

2. Administration teams will return to work unless other arrangements in place as approved by management.

3. All employees and visitors will continue to undertake a temp check upon arrival to the premises until advised otherwise.

4. All employees and visitors will continue to adhere to social distancing rules as published by SA Health.

5. All employees and visitors will disclose illness or suspected COVID-19 symptoms.

6. Key management personnel will attend homes only as necessary.

7. In person meetings and training to be conducted virtually as often as possible to support social distancing guidelines.

8. Employees will be expected to maintain social distancing where practical, don’t hug or shake hands.

9. All hard surfaces in homes to be wiped down and sanitised between shifts and at regular intervals throughout the day.

10. Hand hygiene measures must continue as implemented during the peak of the pandemic with the exception of outside hand washing in soapy water which can now cease. Regular use of Aquim Hand Sanitiser (Hospital Grade Strength) will replace this practice upon entry to each home. Bottles of Aqium Hand Sanitiser will be provided in all homes at all times.

11. Disinfectant wipes and Hospital Grade disinfectant spray will be provided and used in all homes and offices.

12. All fleet vehicles must be wiped down by staff each time they are driven. This includes wiping down the door handles, steering wheel, gears and console each time the car is used and always at the end of each trip.

13. Management will continue to carry out regular home visits for identified ‘high risk’ participants.

14. Official face to face appointments to recommence for support coordination and plan management. Where practical appointments will occur virtually or via phone.

15. Home maintenance to recommence only when approved by Senior Program Manager, Peter Norton or CEO, Wendy Warren in advance.

Practice Requirements for each Home from 22 June 2020

External visits to each home will resume but the following process will be undertaken with each new visit to the home:

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment including declaration of illness.
  • Visitors to confirm intention to visit (day prior or day of) where practical.
  • All exceptions to COVID-safe Plan to be approved by Snr Program Manager or CEO.

Each home must perform a risk assessment plus question visitors and staff re potential infection. If cold/flu symptoms evident, end visit
(postpose for a week). As per guidelines provided previously anyone who presents with symptoms must leave the property immediately and cannot return until tested and cleared.

The following practices apply:

  • Don’t shake hands.
  • Remain 1 metre distant from others where practical.
  • All staff with a work phone must install COVID-Safe App.
  • PPE and hand sanitiser must be available to staff and participants at all times.
  • Vehicle clean down after each visit, where it is necessary to travel with 2 people or more ensure social distancing where practical.

Practice Requirements for Office Meetings from 22 June 2020

  • Don’t shake hands.
  • Remain 1 metre distant from visitors and each other.
  • All staff with work phone must install the COVID-Safe App.
  • PPE and hand sanitiser to be provided and existing enhanced cleaning regime to continue.
  • Daily temp checks to continue.




Increased Flexibility for low cost Assistive Technology

The NDIS recently shared information about how they have temporarily broadened the flexible approach for low cost assistive technology (AT) items so participants can continue to receive NDIS funded supports and services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Participants can use their existing NDIS funding to purchase an item if it meets all of the criteria on the Assistive technology explained page on the NDIS website.

This will be in place until September 2020 and will be reviewed in July 2020.

To support this new time-limited policy the NDIS have made this information available in other formats including Easy Read and in animation.

You can download a copy of the Easy Read by clicking here, or watch the animation below.

Increased Flexibility for low cost Assistive Technology


We are with you NDIS Australia!

We’re better together. Let’s make Australia more inclusive. Happy international day of all the people with a disability.

What we do

We support individuals living with a disability, and their families, from childhood through to adulthood to lead fulfilled lives.

Whether you want to get out and about in your community, connect with new friends, develop your communication skills, establish your NDIS plan, have a break, or find a place to live, we can help.

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What Others Say About Us

"You have a great team at EBL and I appreciate all that you do for Travis and hope that we can all continue this amazing relationship."

"The welcome and support we received provided us with the comfort and security we needed to feel when leaving our son in the care of others."

"There is ongoing communication between us as the family and EBL."

"The staff have been wonderful through all these years and along with respite have been able to provide James with activities and experiences that we would not have been able to achieve."

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