Our Amazing Queensland Trip

Firstly, I wish to congratulate and thank EBL staff for their continued care of Travis.

Travis attended a function with me on Saturday night and all in attendance commented on how well he looked and how healthy and happy he looked. To say that they were shocked is
an understatement. This is a huge credit to the EBL staff and those others that have been involved with him. Travis was a not a healthy and happy young man when he came into your care from another service in May/June 2013.

A huge THANK YOU must go to EBL Service Coordinator and House Manager for the surprise 21st Birthday Party for Travis yesterday. It was a great day with one young man feeling quite overwhelmed by the whole thing. A great time was had by all.

You have a great team at EBL and I appreciate all that you do for Travis and hope that we can all  continue this amazing relationship.

Again thank you so much and keep up the amazing work that you all do with such commitment and passion. Congratulations on a job well done!!

Sue M

Since my son has moved into shared care at EBL and he is doing really well. I am so proud of him as his mother. Workers at EBL are great, they are friendly and really dedicated to the job they do. The home is a relaxed environment. It gives me peace of mind knowing that my son is in safe hands and is receiving good care when he is at EBL.

What makes the difference is that EBL sticks to the plan which promotes consistency and quality of life for my son. He now accesses the community regularly which is important for his learning and development. There is regular ongoing communication between us as family and EBL workers. The EBL service shows flexibility around family visits from us and his schooling needs. They are a back-up when we have him home, and it really makes a positive difference in our lives.


Our son James has been a client of EBL Disability Services for about 14 years. When he was 7 years old we found that we desperately needed a respite service to give us both a break from the 24/7 carer role.

Having used a few respite services on a casual basis, our searches for a suitable respite service led us to EBL.

The welcome and support we received provided us with the comfort and security we needed to feel when leaving our son in the care of others. James’s and our needs were taken into account which meant so much to us. The staff have been wonderful through all these years and along with respite have been able to provide James with activities and experiences that we would not have been able to achieve.

James is now an adult and EBL is very much a big part of James’s and our life and family, without whom with we are not sure how we would manage.

From our experiences with EBL we would highly recommend them to carers looking for respite services.

Jeff & Meredith

My son is 19 years old; he has autism and is non-verbal. Two years ago I approached the DSA, hoping they would be able to help me with some regular respite for my son and, in the future, permanent supported accommodation. It has been a long and gruelling process, a painful and stressful experience for my son and my family.

But now I can happily say that my son is settled in a supported accommodation with caring and thoughtful people, who are doing their best in working toward improving my son’s opportunities in life.  I am grateful for the attention and support given to my son and consequently my family.