Our Services

EBL supports individuals living with a disability to achieve their life goals and aspirations. We take care to understand what is important to each person. We use this information as a basis to develop responses to ensure people maintain choice and control over their lives. This approach is embedded across our organisation and allows us to provide a diverse range of support options for people aged 7 years to adulthood.

Short Stays

EBL understands that whether you have a disability or you care for a person with a disability, time for you is so important.

Our Short Stays at Yarnbrook Cottages are designed to enhance social interaction, build relationships, support independence and create peace of mind for the person and their carer/s.

Providing ongoing care for someone with a disability is without question one of the most selfless and caring acts one can do.

At EBL, we understand that as a carer, taking time out for you isn’t always easy. Our Short Stays program at Yarnbrook Cottages provides the opportunity to do just that, knowing your family member is always in safe hands. For the person with a disability, regular short stays at Yarnbrook Cottages provides access to a wide range of tailored programs to ensure ample choice is always available.

These programs may incorporate activities such as community inclusion, socialisation, peer group development as well as learning and life skills development. An onsite coordinator and qualified permanent staff provide individualised support from a single night, up to four weeks, depending upon each person and family’s circumstances.

A range of activities and outings are available, including games, day trips, parties, sporting events and assisted holidays. The cottages have lovely sensory gardens, outdoor entertaining areas which can be utilised in all weather. Special gym equipment is available for those who wish to participate.

Services are open to people with a disability aged between 7 and 65 years. Referrals to our Short Stays cottages can come from individual families or relevant Government Departments. To speak to a Service Coordinator about service you can call our Admin Office on (08) 8252 1000.


At EBL Disability Services, the community of which you live is completely up to you. With a range of support options, you have complete flexibility when it comes to selecting where you want to live, who you would like to live with and how you want to be supported.

Our accommodation options include:

Men’s and women’s

Moderate and complex
care support

24 hours,
7 days a week

Our Accommodation Support works to ensure people with a disability have the same opportunities as every person living in their local community. We know that the best place for people with a disability to achieve a full and productive life is within their own home and community.

Our accommodation is aimed at supporting people to build independence and enable personal choice.

We work closely with individuals and their families to ensure a smooth transition during relocation from home. We create an environment that is community orientated and view each person’s family as an important part of our ongoing service.

We own, lease and operate a large number of supported independent living services throughout South Australia. Support is provided by qualified disability care professionals who are rostered according to the needs of the people supported at each site. Our residential accommodation services operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week, with sleepover staff at night.

In recent years, we have secured a number of accommodation homes which offer different support arrangements aimed at better addressing a wider variety of individual needs. Our supports are delivered with a person-centred focus, and we aim to establish small groups of compatible residents to ensure their individual choices are respected.

We encourage our residents to function as independently as possible, having maximum involvement in the running of their home. Each person is supported to access the community from their home as much as possible within their individual ability.

People accessing our Accommodation Support have access to additional supports including:

  • Advocacy for Work Placements
  • Learning & Lifestyle Programs
  • Living Art Centre

  • Planning & Assessment
  • Assisted Holidays
  • Counselling Programs

  • Sporting Events
  • Recreational & Community Activities
  • Mentoring & Training Programs


Our residents make a contribution to their board and lodging which go towards the running of their home.

Contact us today for more information about residential accommodation supports.

Emergency Accommodation

EBL Disability Services understands that people in crisis need an immediate response. We support people who are in the most critical of situations. Our emergency accommodation service is second to none. We have dedicated staff who work hard to ensure the best assistance possible at all times.

Through the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion, EBL is able to provide short-term emergency respite. This service provides respite for people with a disability and/or their families who are in urgent need of support and have no options available to them. Emergencies include things like critical carer stress, fatigue, illness, hospitalisation or other unexpected changes to living arrangements.

Transitional Housing

Our Transitional housing operates on short to medium-term tenancies, usually for a minimum period of 6 months and a maximum of 18 months. These homes are purpose built, state of the art homes which have been designed for people with physical disabilities and complex care needs.

Transitional accommodation is available for those at risk of homelessness and can support people anywhere from 1 month through to 18 months. Within the transitional service we take a therapeutic approach and work with individuals to help provide a sense of belonging as their temporary family. We are available 24/7 to support them until permanent accommodation can be found.

EBL Transitional Housing – Paralowie

The Marra Dreaming Story – for one young man who lived in EBL Transitional Housing it was a time to settle and meet new friends…

EBL is led by participants around their aboriginality at all times. The EBL team actively support each participant’s personal choices in how they express their cultural identity. To celebrate this, at Paralowie a large mural was painted along the hallway by a group of painters from Marra Dreaming – an Aboriginal Community organisation located in Salisbury. The painting is a celebration of Aboriginal Australia and it represents a camp-site or meeting place with family sitting around the fire sharing stories which is a connection to daily life in the Paralowie home.

The story around the campsite in the rest of the mural also has thoughtful meaning in that one side depicts the sea and the other the land where Aboriginal people are able to survive off the land on both sides due to the abundance of what Mother Nature can provide. There is a powerful message in this depiction in that Aboriginal people have been able to live successfully and sustainably for thousands of years. The meaning of this mural was explained to the young man as it was being painted and he expresses great pride in his Aboriginality through this work. It’s a place to call home.

Women’s Accommodation

“Despite the fact that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights’, there is no doubt that there are widespread and serious violations of the human rights of women with disabilities, as well as failures to promote and fulfil their rights (Byrnes 2003).”

Our team is incredibly passionate about supporting individuals and families to establish a true sense of belonging and value within the community.

We have established gender specific homes for young women who are now able to live much fuller lives. We continue to witness transformation every day, such as people making their own choices in their daily lives, stepping outside of their comfort zones, making new friends and doing more than they ever thought possible. These homes are run by the young women who live there with the support of dedicated and caring teams of female staff. The residents are responsible for designing weekly menus, grocery shopping, keeping the homes clean and caring for the many animals that share this space.

EBL also offers a vast range of recreational programs and assisted holidays ensuring people can participate in life in most meaningful ways. Active healthy programs and activities are provided to enhance lifestyle and to promote feelings of wellbeing and self esteem.

Offering a range of flexible options, we provide choice and control for every person based on their individual needs and desires. We understand how important inclusion and achievement is for every person. Not only for creating a sense of worthiness, but to aid growth and adaptability as well.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched;

They must be felt with the heart

Hellen Keller

Learning & Lifestyle Programs

Our Learning & Lifestyle programs encourage a person-centred approach aimed at improving the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. These programs are centre-based and provide support for people to access a range of learning experiences, as well as recreational and social activities.

Our employees offer encouragement to ensure each participant actively engages with the people around them who are there to help them identify and express their needs and goals. Our employees take care to engage with each person to ensure they understand what is important to the individual. Once there is agreement about what is important to the person, we develop a flexible plan that can change as the individual’s needs, interests and choices change.

A key focus of our Learning & Lifestyle programs is the activities we provide which are designed to continually increase each person’s potential for participation in the local community.

Robert’s Story

Over The Rainbow

“All the colours….like yellow, orange, greens, and purples and reds and blue.
The Sun is an orange circle with yellow triangles like diamond shapes.
There are crystal clear ocean waves….. the sea.”
By Robert – 2014

The story behind this painting

One of our valued partners, Linda H, approached Robert to see if he wanted to make a large painting for the new EBL office at Mawson Lakes, upon which he immediately asked if he could do a rainbow painting. At this point, Robert was unaware that this would be for the new offices as Linda did not want Robert to feel obligated to donate the picture if he felt it belonged elsewhere.

“I never before considered asking Robert if he wanted any support in the making of the painting, given his complete independence in such matters, however this time I did ask, in case he wanted the rainbow to have the colours in the order as they appear in the sky. I explained to him that this pairing was a bit different if I helped him, however he welcomed the offer, saying that he did want the rainbow’s colours to be as they are seen in the sky,” said Linda.

Linda’s part in the process was simply to help Robert put the colours in the order that they are seen in nature and to help him to explore different textures for the painting of the sky. All of the design, choice of shade, tone for each colour and the execution were done entirely by Robert over six sessions at Jam Jars.

“In one of the later sessions he told me enthusiastically, “I have told Wendy I will make her a rainbow painting” and it was then I told him about the surprise: that this very painting could be for the office if he so wished….and he was very happy indeed,” said Linda.

Assisted Holidays

We provide a range of assisted holiday experiences for our residents from local summer vacations to interstate travel such as exciting short stays on the Gold Coast. A team of dedicated employees ensure every holiday is truly meaningful and memorable.

We assist our residents to:

  • Days of fun, fun, fun with short stays on the Gold Coast and full access to theme parks such as Sea World, Dream World, Movie World just to name a few.
  • West Beach Holiday Retreats with days trips to Monarto Zoo, Adelaide Zoo and local Wildlife Parks.
  • Holidays at Regional Seaside Towns and resorts during summer months.
  • Short Weekend Retreats where our residents can rest, relax, recharge and rejuvenate in the tranquil setting of the picturesque Adelaide Hills.
  • Carers Retreats can also be arranged upon request.

Our EBL employees have relevant police checks and hold current senior first aid certificates. All employees travelling on these holidays are accredited to assist people taking medication.

Our holiday options are tailored for people with a disability who require minimal personal care, and have minimal mobility challenges. If you have higher support needs we are happy to meet with you to discuss your aspirations and explore holiday options.

We aim to provide smaller groups with two or three people to every one carer. This ratio can change depending upon each individual’s needs.

Recreational Activities

Every year we develop an annual calendar full of opportunities for our residents to participate in community and recreational activities. Depending on the skill level of individuals, people with a disability can access mainstream sport competitions, modified activities, or disability specific programs.

Every person is consulted and has a say in what activities they would like to participate in. Supporting people to be a socially inclusive and active member of community is a priority.

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Whilst services may vary between sports and geographic locations, we work closely with each individual through planning and assessment to create fun planned and unplanned events that include:

Local wild life parks

Learning and lifestyle programs

Socially inclusive community activities




Sporting events

Full day programs

Art Therapy


Musical productions

Picnics & BBQ’s

Sea side fun in the sun

Community gardens

Local council events


Indoor cricket



Arts & crafts

Assisted holiday experiences across SA and interstate

A range of entertainment productions of choice

Expressions of Interest – Day Options Program

Seeking Expressions of interest from families caring for a person with a Disability in the CBD and Eastern Suburbs who are looking for a Learning and Lifestyle (Day Options) Program.

· Do you care for a family member with a disability who is a school leaver?
· Are you looking for a program closer to home?

At EBL Disability Services, we offer day programs Monday to Friday, located in Frewville.

Our Learning & Lifestyle programs encourage a person-centred approach aimed at improving the independence, confidence, self-esteem, interaction skills and life choices of each person. These programs are centre-based and provide support for people to access a range of learning experiences, as well as recreational and social activities.
Our employees take care to engage with each person to ensure they understand what is important to the individual. A key focus of our Learning & Lifestyle programs is the activities we provide which are designed to continually increase each person’s potential for participation in the local community.

To speak to a Service Coordinator about accessing this service please call (08) 8252 1000.