Our Support Coordination team will connect you up with the most appropriate providers or specialists to meet your particular needs, along with developing your skills at coordinating your own plan. Our duties can include the research/scheduling support referrals, assisting with the planning of your allocated funds, mitigation of any disputes or assisting in the changing of providers, and any reasonable contact required to the NDIA.

We tailor our supports to the NDIS specified 3 levels of coordination:

Support Connection

Support Coordination

Complex Support Coordination

We commit to a strict 24 hour contact timeframe once we receive a call or referral for support coordination – essentially we strive to be the first provider to contact you and begin the process of implementing the supports in your NDIS plan immediately.

Our Team

Since the inception of the NDIS and creation of the Support Coordination service offering, our team has assisted in the coordination of over 500+ families/participants with an NDIS plan!

Having supported so many families going through the major shift to the NDIS, it has resulted in many priceless important lessons for the team. We are more than happy to share these lessons with potential clients. By coming to our Support Coordination service, you are getting access to a wealth of knowledge on the nuances of the NDIS, and are dealing with people who have spent countless hours researching and finding the best available support providers to refer to.

I’ve had such a great opportunity to meet so many families through Support Coordination since the roll out of the NDIS program began. Many families I initially meet with are confused with the NDIS process, and building their confidence and understanding through the service is very satisfying. I am constantly inspired by the participants and families seeing positive changes in their loved ones lives as we work together across their NDIS plan!”

Paul Parsons
Support Coordinator & RN

Working as a support coordinator has been fantastic as I’ve been able to help families on a day to day basis, to create positive outcomes for their children. Each day my aim is to make sure that all of the families we assist, receive the support that they need, to ensure that their children are achieving their goals.

Tahlia Gradara
Support Coordinator & Developmental Educator

Please feel free to request to speak to one of our support coordinators when calling to make an appointment or just as a general enquiry.

If you are interested in learning more about our support coordination systems please feel free to contact us on 08 8252 1000.

Client Testimonials

“It was just great to have someone be there to help you out, as I felt lost”


“Feel very comfortable – we have developed a great professional friendship and Paul has gone above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. Has made my whole experience a lot more settled and easier.”


“They help from A to Z all the way through, not part way. EBL have a lot of people they can contact for you and can organise for them to come and talk about your son or daughters needs and if they are not right, you can go back to find more options.””


“I started with Paul, but then also worked with Tahlia as I knew her through her placement at my child’s school””

“The experience has been fantastic, I class Paul as a friend and has taken a lot of the initial stress off”

If you are interested in learning more about our Support Coordination service or book an initial appointment please feel free to contact us on 08 8252 1000.

Financial Plan Management & Intermediary Services

EBL has in place a team of Individualised Funding Specialists to assist with all things NDIS from a finance perspective and individualised funding perspective.

In the completely new NDIS environment, a key concern for participants is the understanding of what the individual funds means to them and how to maximise the potential of the plan – our Individualised Funding Specialists are here specifically to help individuals and families work through their options.

Understanding what the funding actually means is crucial and this is why we are we are excited to offer plan management assistance and financial intermediary services in addition to our already vast range of service offerings to assist families through the transition to the NDIS.

If you have any questions or Plan Management specific enquiries, please feel free to call the office on 08 8252 1000 or drop us an email at plan.management@eblds.org.au

Note to Parents/Participants

This support is a fully NDIS funded service, the main issue occurring here is that people do not request the plan management and financial intermediary services in the planning meeting as many are not aware it is there to assist them. So please remember to ask for the service to be added to your NDIS plan as you go through your planning meeting if you feel you require this additional support.

This service also operates side by side with our support connection offering – so reports, meetings and contact can be co-ordinated back to back between support connection and finance plan management.

Service Offerings

Our service offerings are tailored to all strands of Individualised Funding including:

Fully NDIS Funded Financial Intermediary Services

  • This includes a short initial consultation around the funding process and airing any early queries or concerns on the funding for the individual.
  • We can arrange for all participant invoices/documentation for supports provided by exterior providers to be sent to EBL for processing on the participants behalf.
  • EBL will provide a monthly report on how much funding has been expended and maintain contact around how to best manage the remaining funds to ensure you are getting value for your money. This is a great service as it allows you to maximise the utilisation of the funds as your annual plan comes to a close.
  • The monthly service offering can be stopped at any time the participant chooses.
  • This service is NO extra charge if included in the NDIS plan – it all comes out of a specifically allocated portion of your funding.

Assistance to Self-Managed Participants

  • If you have selected the self-managed funding option, we are able to offer assistance and guidance around how the self-managed funding setup works and how you access your funds.
  • We can provide ongoing assistance and maintain contact throughout a year so you are never alone throughout the process.
  • We can arrange for monthly funding reports to be sent detailing the expenditure of funds and remaining budget to be utilised.

Initial consultation Services

  • You decide that you only have a couple of questions and that’s it? That’s fine, come in and have an initial consult with our funding specialist and a one off consultation fee can be arranged for the meeting. We tailor the service to meet your needs regardless of whether it’s one hour or more.